Bumper-Bag, the best rear cargo bag gets chilly.

Bumper-Bag filled with 40lbs of Ice and room for one more…

Going for ice can leave your car a wet mess.  Why not throw it in the Bumper-Bag and avoid trying to open the door to the car while your hands are full.  The Bumper-Bag works best if you leave it attached to your car and the uses will far exceed and roof top cargo bag  or hitch hauler.



Bumper-Bag also carries groceries!!

Have you ever went to the grocery and ran out of room??????

Bumper-Bag adds on-demand storage to your vehicle so you don’t have to leave anything behind.  You can throw your non-perishable items right in the Bumper-Bag, then conveniently remove them when you are home.  Just think, you might be able to go to Sam’s club with kids now and still be able to fit everything.  Bumper-Bag is the new convenient way to look at on-demand storage for you vehicle.

Try doing that with any other vehicle cargo solution…..

Let me know your thoughts about Bumper-Bag, email me at support@bumper-bag.com



Bumper-Bag Bites Back

Bumper-Bag is also great for those trips to the local docks for crabbing.  We were able to put the crabbing net, hand lines and bait in the Bumper-Bag to avoid the smell assoicated with wet crabbing gear in the car.

On the way home we also threw our catch in the Bumper-Bag.  The uses for Bumper-Bag keep coming in.  Share your experiemce with me by emailing support@bumper-bag.com.

Bumper-Bag introduces new products!!!!!

Bumper-Bag has introduced two 2 sizes along with a removable water resistant liner made to fit pefectly into the sport model.  The water resistant liner can be removed from the Bumper-Bag and carried with you, than slid back into the Bumper-Bag for travel.  The water resistant liner comes with a sling which makes carrying the bag more convenient.  Bumper-Bag is now offering the liner and the Bumper-Bag Sport together for $49.95 which is over 3.6 cubic feet of storage.