Bumper-Bag Vs. Hitch Hauler

With hitch hauler’s, your vehicle requires a hitch receiver to be installed which can range from $100.00 to $300.00 depending on your vehicle, Plus the cost of the hitch hauler itself.  With Bumper-Bag, you do not need any additional equipment as it attaches to your vehicles tailgate.

Another disadvantage with a hitch hauler is when it is fully loaded you can not access your vehicles trunk. You would have to unload the contents and either remove it from your vehicle or work around it, cumbersome to say the least.  This is not the case with Bumper-Bag.  With Bumper-Bag installed and fully loaded you can still open your tailgate as Bumper-Bag does not obstruct your vehicles trunk .

Why Bumper-Bag,

Unlike traditional car top carriers or roof top bags, the Bumper-Bag can be installed quickly with only a few steps and can remain on the car even when not in use.   With roof bags you have to remove the bag when not is use to avoid it from flapping in the wind and potentially ripping. When installed, either filled with gear or empty, the Bumper-Bag does not produce the noise associated with a traditional roof top bag when traveling.

Another benefit of the Bumper-Bag is you can easily add and remove items without scaling your car, unlike traditional carriers, where chances are you find that the item you need is at the bottom of your roof top carrier.  With Bumper-Bag you can easily access all you items and add items as necessary because it is conveniently mounted to the rear of your vehicle.

Cost is another advantage of the Bumper-Bag. With traditional roof bags and hard sided roof top carriers, you are required to have roof rails, which is an additional cost.  With Bumper-Bag you do not need any additional parts.

Introducing the new Sport Model

The Sport Model is a 20 inch wide and 36 inch high, version of the Bumper-Bag. This model works great for chairs,tents and even golf bags. The sport model is pleated at the bottom for additional capacity. Still not enough room? You can add a sport version on each side and double your capacity.

The sport version can easily fit a tent, two camp chairs and a few smaller items.

Allow the Bumper Bag to Make Your Camping Trip a Breeze

     The Bumper-Bag can make your camping trips a breeze. Why? The Bumper-Bag offers extra storage space, durability, and a great way to pack up camping items for your next camping trip. No need to worry about the fuss of finding extra space in your car or van for all your camping supplies, simply take 5 minutes to set the Bumper-Bag up and you will have all the space you need.